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    Can we add your name to our endorsement list? These people have...

    187 votes

    John Sarpa

    Ashley Feddersen

    Chris Klug

    Steev Wilson

    RJ Gallagher

    Steve Wickes

    Rebecca Rose Crossman

    Riley Tippet

    Michelle Kiley

    Chris Bendon

    David Houggy

    Alexandra Latimer 


    Jesse White - Illinois Secretary of State 


    Planning & Zoning Commission

    Jesse Morris - Planning and Zoning Commission 

    Jasmine Tygre - Planning and Zoning Commission

    Kelly McNicholas - Planning and Zoning Commission

    Spencer McKnight  - Planning and Zoning Commission

    Rally Dupes  - Planning and Zoning Commission

    Keith Goode  - Planning and Zoning Commission

    Ryan Walterscheid - Planning and Zoning Commission


    Next Generation Advisory Commission

    Kimbo Brown-Schirato - Next Generation Advisory Commission

    Michael Rees - Next Generation Advisory Commission

    Duncan Clauss - Next Generation Advisory Commission

    Nicky Byrne - Next Generation Advisory Commission 

    Clay Stranger - Next Generation Advisory Commission

    Matt Evans - Next Generation Advisory Commission


    Jan Sarpa

    Emily Sarpa

    Missy Klug

    Warren Klug

    Kathy Klug

    Mark Malory

    Rachelle Bunker

    Mladen Todorovic

    David Musser

    Bo Gallagher

    Aaron Hill

    Alex Dubin

    Lee Schestedt

    Val Brown

    Rueben Sadowsky

    Julie Engles

    David Mills

    Danielle Mills

    Marilee Spatz

    Larry Spatz

    Linzy Spatz

    Aaron Culbertson

    Bill Eichengreen

    Benji Felch

    Scott Kener Jr.

    Corey Enloe

    Dave Mayer

    Charlie Lucero

    Josh Meyer

    Chad Paul

    Jill Teehan

    Tyler Wilson

    Lissa Ballinger 

    Ryan Marcil

    William Brown

    Mike Jahn

    Stephen Smith

    Sam Ferguson

    Ray P'Noffrio

    Eric Strauss

    Casey Vandenbraek

    Taylor Hale

    Sadie Brown

    Jay Guermel

    Tom Fellman

    Laura Miller

    Chad Ogburn

    Darin Toy

    Jenna Holcomb

    Joe Frankel

    Zachariah Stevens

    Stephen Plachta

    Ross Petvitz

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Stephanie Ryan

Stephanie Ryan