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    Skippy Letter to Editor 2.1.13

    Dear Editor,

    Yesterday Wendle Whiting, a prominent young voice in town wrote an eloquent, well-informed and very apt letter about changing the election day in Aspen. The reason is simple, coming in off-season, the date of the election serves to exclude a vast and too often unrepresented portion of our population - service, hospitality and tourism workers. Of which I have at various points, inhabited each station.

    Representation is the cornerstone of democracy and an absolute requirement for a functioning town, an informed citizenry and an effective government. The deviation from this ideal has been a corrosive force across our nation the last three decades. Gerrymandering and primarying and have become household terms. Congress is more polarized than ever. The further the sides move apart, the more they denigrate and caricature each other. As this feedback loop takes hold the opportunity for reconciliation, compromise, and ultimately positive outcomes dissipate to the determent of both sides.


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Skippy for Aspen

Skippy for Aspen